GoShoppi - An Innovative Marketplace For Retail. GoShoppi is a local e-commerce platform with different web and mobile applications, which are transforming the retail shopping experience by connecting the end customers to their local neighborhood stores. We aim to be the one-stop-shop for all every day-to-day shopping needs. Users can order through the web or mobile app and get everything delivered to their doorstep or can pick up from the store as per their convenience. On the other hand, merchants can maintain their own Catalogue, Stock, Price, Offers, Promotions, Delivery options, Payment methods, Content, Advertisements and many more from Web and Mobile. We offer our services to a wide assortment of retails like groceries, fruits and vegetables, cosmetics, electronics, bakery items, flowers and much more.

Why GoShoppi?

Unified web, iOS & Android customer front end. In-store POS solution with integration of online sales channel. Readily available wide range of products. A state-of-the-art online platform with a centralized Customer base. Attracting end customers to be part of the platform with Promotions and Referral programs. Provides a new channel of sales with web enablement. Store branding with own logo colors, catalog, stock, price, offers, promotions, delivery options, payment methods, content, advertisements and many more from the web and mobile. Find new customers and reach more people. A great opportunity to enter and capture the market share from competitors. Integrated inventory management.


Goshoppi a way of life for us to bring customers & merchants of nations, to attain the best shopping, delivery experience, and value for money in developing “nations” economies by providing technology to the local merchants without the investments nor teams to deploy their online presence. It is a life mission for us to get rid of dying economies into sustainable and thriving economies for restoration, with technological advances and ongoing innovative developments for a better customer and merchant experiences.


Power of Admin Control. Goshoppi enables complete admin control of an individual store with branding and easy to use and we made it as merchant friendly. Goshoppi is available on both platforms iOS and Android which gives the boost the sales of a store with mobile presence and makes any small retailer to a e-tailer easily. Goshoppi came up with a fully responsive layout and it will respond and adjusts based on the screen sizes of devices that are used by the users.